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Why Your Teeth Will Thank You

Many of us try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising regularly. But, did you know that your teeth benefit from eating vegetables as much as your overall body? We recently explored some of the worst foods for your teeth, but let’s now focus on the best food and drinks. Here’s a

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Guess Which Foods are Bad for Your Teeth

I recently asked my Facebook fans to take a guess at which foods are the worst for your teeth. You probably aren’t surprised by the responses – sodas and sweets – you know, all the things we enjoy! The usual suspects always come top of mind. But, what about the more obscure ones? For instance,

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Diet Coke May be Bad for Your Teeth

Have you ever heard of “coke mouth?” When you drink too much and too often, your teeth run the risk of rotting. A recent study compared it to methamphetamine or crack cocaine. I’m sure most would never associate Diet Coke to cocaine; one would never assume a harmful illegal drug would have the same affect

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