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Sometimes our patients come to us with extreme dental cases. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you about potential complex restorative dental treatments – most take place in our office in as little as a visit while others require a series of visits. Dr. Ammons offers simple corrections to complete reconstructions. She may discuss treatments plans that include dental bridges, dentures or implants. Relax. We provide patient information up-front so you know exactly what to expect. And, we’ll guide you through the entire process, from providing treatment options and recommendations, to taking care of your teeth after your treatment.

And, we’re located near several local specialists, whom we partner with to provide the ultimate comprehensive dental care for your complex case. Together we’ll work with you to provide the best dental care available in Charleston.

We offer the following restorative dentistry services:

A dental bridge serves to cover a gap when you have one or more missing teeth. A false tooth is inserted between two crowns located on each side of the gap. As a part of your treatment plan, we will conduct an xray, make an impression of your tooth and space, insert a temporary bridge while technicians at our dental laboratory make your bridge, and then we’ll replace it with a permanent bridge, which is cemented to your prepared teeth.

The procedure occurs in our office and your bridge should last between 5-15 years, if not longer. Contact us for more information about bridges or read more with our ADA-approved patient education material.

If you are missing teeth, we may recommend dentures to help restore your quality of life and confidence. While benefiting your smile, dentures also support your cheek and lips so your muscles do not sag. We may recommend immediate dentures, which do not require the removal of your actual teeth before insertion or complete conventional dentures, which do require tooth extractions.

Read more about how to become more comfortable with your dentures, denture adhesives, adjustments, replacements, and how to care for your dentures and mouth.

Periodontal or gum disease occurs when the gum pulls away from the tooth. Over time, an infection occurs that affects the tissues and bone that support the teeth. It’s extremely important to catch gum disease in the early stages so Dr. Ammons can work with you to preserve your natural teeth and prevent tooth loss.

Find out more about periodontal disease, symptoms, causes, stages, proper diagnosis and treatments with our ADA-approved patient education.

Replace a tooth and closely imitate the natural look of your smile’s shape and color with dental implants . This permanent tooth replacement is ideal for patients missing a tooth, and it helps to minimize gaps and avoid long-term dentures. Dr. Ammons will provide 3D x-rays to closely look at the condition of your tooth, bones and gum lines, review your dental history and then discuss your overall dental goals with you before recommending dental teeth implants. We will also check into the option of implementing porcelain veneers in some cases.

Successful dental implants can take up to several months. We take our time to ensure proper results and follow the latest standards of dental excellence and care during dental implantation.

Teeth grinding (bruxism) can be harmless when done only occasionally but sever grinding may lead to jaw pain and teeth damage. Often grinding occurs during the night and our patient may not even be aware that he/she is doing it. Avoid wearing your teeth down or more serious problems such as tooth loss with a customized mouth guard. Similar to TMJ treatments, Dr. Ammons will create top and bottom molds of your mouth and have a mouth guard built for every day usage. She will teach you how to properly care for it and install it.

If you think you grinding your teeth, avoid excessive caffeine and alcohol intake, try to minimize stress in your life and pursue a healthy sleep schedule. If the problem persists, contact Dr. Ammons to set up an appointment.

TMJ – or temporomandibular joint – and TMD – temporomandibular disorders – often occurs when patients experience symptoms such as earaches, headaches, clicking or popping of the jaw, pain when yawning or chewing, aching facial pain, or difficulty opening or closing your mouth. It occurs when there is a misalignment where the two joints attach the jaw to the skull.

Dr. Ammons will use a special sonographic device to listen to your joint’s movement and looking at your facial muscles. Usually she will then create a customized and personalized mouth guard to help re-align your joint and return your jaw line to its natural position. Mouthguards can be used at nighttime or all day with more severe cases.

Find out more about the causes of TMJ/TMD and various treatment methods.