Positive and painless restorative dental care.

With access to leading technology, products and equipment.

Restore your confidence and smile with our restorative dental care, including tooth replacements, dental teeth implants, root canals, dental crowns and bridges. But don’t be alarmed! Our staff will educate you on any of these procedures and guide you through the treatment process. With gentle hands and positive and caring attitudes, Dr. Ammons and her team will minimize pain during your treatments and provide a relaxing atmosphere to help you forget about the procedure. Enjoy any of our onsite amenities during your visit and feel free to ask any insurance questions to our staff. We’re happy to go over costs and set up payment schedules that meet your needs.

If you have are missing teeth, have misshaped teeth, experience dental pain, have gum disease, we will help restore your dental health and leave you with a comfortable and approachable smile.

We offer the following restorative dentistry services:

Are you missing a tooth? Desire a healthy and attractive smile? Choosing the appropriate restorative dental treatment is important to Dr. Ammons. Together we’ll examine your situation and consider restorative options such as tooth implants, dental bridges or root canals.

Find out the advantages and disadvantages of each and then discuss these options with Dr. Ammons. She’ll work with you to help restore your natural smile.

Replace a tooth and closely imitate the natural look of your smile’s shape and color with dental implants. This permanent tooth replacement is ideal for patients missing a tooth, and it helps to minimize gaps and avoid long-term dentures. Dr. Ammons will provide 3D x-rays to closely look at the condition of your tooth, bones and gum lines, review your dental history and then discuss your overall dental goals with you before recommending dental teeth implants. We will also check into the option of implementing porcelain veneers in some cases.

Successful dental implants can take up to several months. We take our time to ensure proper results and follow the latest standards of dental excellence and care during dental implantation.

Root canals are important treatments for diseased or injured pulp inside one of your teeth. When our patients experience pain or swelling, we may recommend endodontic treatments, which are performed in our office. Dr. Ammons will remove the bad tooth’s nerve or pulp and place a temporary filling over the opening. Ultimately, a permanent filling is applied to create a seal and the tooth is restored with a crown or filling.

Find out more about root canals, removals, treatments and the restoration process with our ADA-approved patient education.

A crown is a cap that is placed over an existing tooth to restore it to its normal shape, size or function, or to improve its appearance. They can be made out of full porcelain, ceramic or cast metal alloy. Dr. Ammons will axamine your teeth and take into account the color, size, shape and your ‘bite’ before installing an artificial crown.

We normally recommend porcelain dental crowns, which can be color-matched to your adjacent teeth. They can be applied to the front or the back of your mouth.

Learn more about crowns, how they are placed and how to properly care for your teeth after a crown is placed.

A dental bridge serves to cover a gap when you have one or more missing teeth. A false tooth is inserted between two crowns located on each side of the gap. As a part of your treatment plan, we will conduct an xray, make an impression of your tooth and space, insert a temporary bridge while technicians at our dental laboratory make your bridge, and then we’ll replace it with a permanent bridge, which is cemented to your prepared teeth.

The procedure occurs in our office and your bridge should last between 5-15 years, if not longer. Contact us for more information about bridges or read more with our ADA-approved patient education material.