Goal: Remove stains and create a brighter smile
Treatment: 8 upper Empress porcelain veneers

“I am so thankful to have found Dr. Ammons. She has given me the smile I always wanted!

Before my dental work, I was self-conscious about my smile. I had pretty bad staining on all of my front teeth, and felt like my teeth were very small for adult teeth. Even though my teeth were straight, I was always aware of that aspect of my smile and hated it.

My experience with Dr. Ammons was amazing! Not only is she an extremely skilled dentist, she also has a very caring manner when dealing with her patients. Having almost the entire top row of teeth replaced with veneers, I spent a lot of time with Dr. Ammons and her staff. She and her staff always treated me with respect and the highest level of care. I would, and already have, told many people about Dr. Ammons.

The results I received from Dr. Ammons far exceeded my expectations. I knew my teeth and smile would look a lot better after the veneers, but I never dreamed my smile could look this perfect! People often comment on how nice my smile is now, and it feels great! Dr. Ammons’ work has definitely made me feel more confident about my smile and my overall appearance. I am grateful to Dr. Ammons and her staff for all their hard work.”